The Dangers of Shot Put

Shot Put Challenging and Sometimes Dangerous Event

With the summer olympics still two years away, track and field athletes all over the world are training to prepare for the experience. One of the most interesting events that many hope to excel in is the shot put. At first glance, it seems like such an easy sport to master. All you have to do is throw a metal ball as far as you can. It is important to realize that there is significant preparation that goes into being a shot put athlete and there are inherent dangers involved in the sport.

The first matter that athletes have to concern themselves with is the weight training. Shot put athletes are usually in good shape, but they must be very strong in order to excel. This involves adding weight which can sometimes be a problem. If weight is added that is not muscle, it could lead to serious health problems like cardiovascular disease and even diabetes. Shot put athletes have to be conscious of not only weight gain but converting the weight into muscle and running to maintain good health.

The actual process of launching the shot put can also be dangerous on many levels. In order to successfully throw the shot put, the athlete must hold the ball in the crevice of their neck and spin around at least three times before pushing the ball directly forward. This poses problems with maintaining equilibrium after spinning around so rapidly and many shot put athletes sustain injuries if they become dizzy and lose their balance.

It is easy to twist an ankle or pull a muscle when launching the shot put. The very act of spinning around puts undue stress on the ankle and could even break it. The force of catapulting the shot put forward puts a tremendous strain on the arm and shot put athletes experience bone and muscle issues all the time. Since pushing the arm forward is not a natural movement for the arm, it can cause undue physical trauma that sometimes doesn’t surface until later.

Finally, shot put can be dangerous for not only the athlete but the judges or anyone on the field at the time of the event. If anyone is ever struck by a shot put in flight, it could lead to serious injury or even death. The shot put for men weighs sixteen pounds and for women the shot put weighs eight and a half pounds. Athletes, judges or spectators accidentally struck by a shot put could sustain a concussion or even worse. The field must be clear before the event begins.

The shot put is an exciting track and field event but can be dangerous. There are many precautions that must be taken into consideration for both the athletes and the judges to make sure that they are safe. Shot put athletes need good coaches who understand the requirements and strain of the sport so that proper weight is maintained and the athlete is prepared both physically and mentally.

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